Pre/Post Conference touring options - Australia
January 2013

Check with your travel agent to confirm which of the holiday destinations fits with the season in which you are travelling to Australia.

NSW | QLD | SA | VIC | WA | TAS | and SYDNEY

General travel info:

Everyone entering Australia is required to present authorities with a current entry visa and passport. Visa information is available on the Australian Government website. You  may be eligible to apply for an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) or for Europeans, e-Visitor on-line. For applications in person, a list of Immigration offices world-wide is found here. Leave 6-8 weeks for processing

Qantas and major airlines fly to Australia. Cars are righthand drive (i.e. drive on the left side of the road...) An exit tax applies and is included in your airline ticket purchase. Quarantine is taken seriously. Details of restricted items are on the AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Information Services) website.

Australian State Government Tourism Websites and apps


NSW | QLD | SA | VIC | WA | TAS | and SYDNEY

Sun/Surf Safety...

Check here for tips and safety advice for Australian Beaches.

NSW | QLD | SA | VIC | WA | TAS | and SYDNEY