Additional services

MTCi offers a variety of additional specialist services: website creation and hosting, association consultation, desktop publishing of program booklets, sponsorship documents etc. and BOS.

BOS is our proprietary, Brower-based Ordering System for Labs and departments.

Website creation and hosting
MTCi creates extremely navigable and functional websites to promote your services and events to your clients: user-friendly, attractive and cost-effective.

  • Software used is industry standard
  • Content is copyright of the Association
  • MTCi works with the executive to accurately project the Association's image
  • Updates and upgrades available


  • 24/7 Database access, excepting downtime for periodic maintenance and programming
  • Website hosting, bandwidth access, maintenance
  • Domain name set-up, as requested

Please ask for our quotation for:

  1. Consultation in setting up your Association, Board, Committee and Membership. Our experience and resources will help set the framework for the Association's standing and progress.
  2. Sponsorship and membership campaigns. Your greatest asset are those closest in products and services. MTCi can assist to turn service delivery into concrete support. Our documentation is appealing and uncomplicated!
  3. Desktop publishing of programs and flyers. We use cost-effective means to obtain a user-friendly and outstanding result.
  4. Event organisation. Dinner? Pre-Post conference tours? Our planning and suggestions will deliver a memorable event!
  5. MTCi also works with established clients to develop Workshop and Seminar participation amongst your groups.
  6. Interest-list marketing - gauge interest level and topics for the business/scientific program
  • previous registrants are notified of meeting and invited to register interest
  • new, interested colleagues sign on, and receive further email communications
  • selectable interest topic/s are entered into a searchable database for the committee's perusal
  • reports produced indicate preferenced topics, and program themes expand to include. Assists committee in selecting program elements and also in speaker selection.