About Us

MTCi staff have been organising meetings for over 16 years. Although, MTCi doesn't simply organise your conference - we host your delegates and guests, treating them to that special (magic!) touch, and offering individual service above the anticipated level.

The tone for your Meeting, and of interactions with your Members: positive, respectful, engaging, and well-organised.

Everything on-line - on-line services we offer for your conference or membership:
  • Proprietary database software
  • Registration and payment
  • Abstract submission and session selection
  • Accommodation and "extras" booking
  • Committee access for program selection
  • Reduced printing and postage cost
  • Negotiation of special venue rates and discounts
  • Financial and BAS reporting
  • Website, Graphic Design, Desktop publishing, Flyers

Selected comments from committee, delegate, exhibitor

  • Ros, I really appreciated the interactive way we handled the conference business.  It is such a pleasure to be on the same wavelength to sort out issues.
  • I enjoyed the meeting in Australia very much! It largely depended on your excellent management. I would like to express my thanks again.
  • Thanks - it was a great conference. As a representative from the trade, I had a great response and it was worthwhile for me to be there. Thanks for your personal attention.